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Airsoft FPS app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 9104 ratings )
Utilities Sports
Developer: Proios Eood
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Oct 2011
App size: 1.75 Mb

Have you ever thought "I am shooting 400fps with 0.27g bbs, how many Joules (kinetic energy) my bb has?" or "If i used .20g bbs, how many FPS would I have?". Airsoft FPS is a program that can make calculations with a user friendly interface, relative to your bbs speed and weight. You can also enter the FPS limits of your local field and see if your bb gun complies with its rules.

Latest reviews of Airsoft FPS app for iPhone and iPad

Its halfway there...
This has a single entry for field limitations. It should have two variables for offerings here. The first being fps and the second being energy restrictions on the BB. Its also missing some GUI. You can scroll the BB size, but after you enter your fps you have to randomly tap on the screen to get it to calculate usually resulting in accidentally jumping back in the BB size interface. I will recommend this to everyone in my airsoft forums when its interface is cleaned up.
Ugly, buggy, always refer to 0.20 g BB whatever the weight used for calculation.
This app is perfect for every airsoft fan who plays at any field or CQB Arena. Simply add the FPS, BB weight, & Field Limit and you instantly get the speed in MPS, power in Joules, and whether or not you can use your gun at your field. This app is awesome!
Good app for the most part...
The one complaint I have is that Im stuck with .20 when setting my fields max fps. Our field uses .25 so this requires me to do some calculating before setting the max fps.
It aint no ARES M110!
Dont waste your time with this app. The information given is to vague and it doesnt give you accurate information. If you set the bb weight to .28 and fps to any limit it does not tell you what the speed would be with .20 gram bbs which most fields use to chrono.
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